Food and Beverages

  1. Bringing of beverages, including water is not allowed in our resort
  2. No eating and drinking inside or near the pool area
  3. No cooking of foods inside the resort or cabanas

Dress Code

  1. Colored cotton shirts are not allowed during swimming
  2. Rash guards, dri-fits and white shirts only
  3. Zippers, rivetsm buttons and velcros are strictly not allowed


  1. Firearms and deadly weapons are strictly prohibited.
  2. Never leave your valuables unattended.
  3. No cooking of foods inside the resort or cabanas
  4. The Life Guard on Duty has the authority to suspend pool privileges if the rules are violated.
  5. The Management reserves the right to enforce its rules and regulations within the premises of the Resort.

Health, Hygiende and Sanitation

  1. Guests shall take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
  2. No littering; dispose your garbage properly.
  3. Women having their monthly period are not allowed to use the pools.


  1. Children under 12 years and Senior Citizens are required to use life vests.
  2. Jumping and diving in the pools is strictly prohibited.
  3. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs will be refused entry to the Resort.
  4. No guest/s can use the swimming pools when there is No Life Guard on duty.
  5. Parents and Guardians are primarily responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children.
  6. Children 10 years of age and below are not allowed to use pools unless accompanied by an adult.
  7. In case of injuries, immediately call the lifeguard on duty and/or security personnel.
  8. Any person who violates resort regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action by Resort Personnel/ Staff.
  9. Glass containers are not allowed inside the pool area.
  10. All bags, coolers and containers will be inspected at the entrance.